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  1. remapped Bmw e46 320d 150bhp dyno dynamics rolling graph BW chiptune
  2. Bmw e90 320d 163bhp dyno dynamics rolling graph
  3. remapped Bmw e87 120d 177bhp 2008 dyno dynamics rolling graph bwchiptune
  4. Remapped Bmw e46 318d 115bhp dyno dynamics rolling graph BWchiptune
  5. 2004 e60 530d
  6. Bmw e93 m3 2008 dct bwchiptune 26bhp extra remap standard car dyno dynamics
  7. Bmw e60 m5 stage 1 20bhp remap bwchiptune
  8. BMW E60 530d 231Bhp BW CHIPTUNE remap dyno dynamics rolling road graph
  9. BMW e46 2001 330d remap 184bhp to 229bhp Bw chiptune st1 remap
  10. BMW F10 M5 remap tuning dyno graph
  11. BMW 118d 2012 143bhp remap to 186bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  12. Skoda octavia 1.9tdi 130bhp remap to 173bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  13. Mitsubishi L200 2.5 75bhp remap to 118bhp dyno graph
  14. BMW 123d 204bhp remap to 164bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  15. BMW 635d 286 bhp remapped to 344bhp 550ft dyno graph bwchiptune
  16. BMW 335d Dpf off methanol inj remap to 390 Bhp 625ft bwchiptune
  17. BMW e46 320d 2003 150bhp remap to 198bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  18. BMW 328i difference between remap and m50 manifold no remap graph bwchiptune
  19. BMW z4m remap headers cams alpha n dyno graph bwchiptune
  20. BMW 116i 2009 122bhp remap to 144 Bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  21. BMW e92 m3 supercharged 620bhp 3rd when dynoed in 4th makes wrong output
  22. Audi a3 1.9tdi 2009 105bhp remap 146bhp extra 65ft dyno graph bwchiptune
  23. BMW e64 645i remap to 348bhp dyno graph bwchiptune
  24. Bmw e46 318i n42 remap and Dyno graph bwchiptune
  25. Bmw e46 330d 204bhp remap to 269bhp Dyno graph bwchiptune
  26. Bmw e90 320d 163bhp tuned remap to 205bhp bwchiptune Dyno graph
  27. BMW e46 330d 204bhp hybrid turbo remap to 299bhp 510ft Dyno graph bwchiptune
  28. AMG C63 2013 remap tuned from 445bhp to 527bhp Dyno tested by BW chiptune
  29. 335d with 335 bhp - 500 lb torque
  30. Bmw e30 325i performance tuned dyno graph BWchiptune